Atlas Signature Facial

Your Treatment

Relaxation begins the moment you arrive when you will be treated to an opening ritual of mineral & herbal footbath during the wholistic health consultation prior to your facial treatment.

Each facial is bespoke to meet your own needs and will include cleansing, exfoliating, masking, hydration and warm herbal compresses using only organic and expertly formulated plant-based skincare. Your treatment includes warm herbal poultice massage and other modalities such as reflexology and sculpting manual massage to ease tension and create a noticeable lift and radiant complexion.

The focus is on soothing your mind and nurturing your body in order to support healthy skin. When you rest and relax, your body can focus on repair and rejuvenation.


Treatment Benefits

+  Immediately noticeable results in the appearance of fine lines, deep wrinkles, dark circles, puffy eyes and sagging skin.

+  Lifted, contoured & sculpted brows, cheeks and jaw

+  Creates a healthy, radiant and glowy complexion

+  Minimised fine lines

+  Softened deep wrinkles

+  Diminished blemishes, redness and skin sensitivities

+  Restored vitality through facial tissue regeneration by stimulating collagen and elastin production

+  Reduced muscle tension and pain (clenched jaw, furrowed brow)

+  Sinus relief

+  Nourishes skin with vital nutrients – hydrates skin & increases lymphatic flow

+  Allows waste products to be efficiently removed from tissue

+  Encourages inner harmony from the Traditional Chinese Medicine perspective


Treatment Details

If you have received Botox or fillers in the last twelve weeks please inform me prior to booking your facial treatment or wait at least 12 weeks from when you received Botox/Fillers.