Courie | the aromatherapy package


I was inspired to create this offering after feedback from clients who told me that the three items worked beautifully together during their pregnancy and labour. However this is a really versatile package, some of the ways people have used this package are:

+ To accompany a hypnobirthing practice as your anchoring scent
+ To use during meditation to promote relaxation
+ To use during labour as a soothing & relaxing aid
+ As a beautiful gift for yourself or someone you care about for Mother’s Day, baby shower, Blessingway, maternity leave gift, Christmas or birthday gift.

What’s Included?

Courie Candle

 + Soy wax candle with cotton wick and scented with essential oils.
+ Safe & Beneficial for pregnancy. Non-toxic. Approximately 30 hours burn time. Click here for more information

Courie Space Mist

 + Housed in a glass bottle made with pure essential oils and organic base oil

Courie Roller Ball

 + A blend of essential oils in a portable rollerball bottle, to use on the go or when traveling/away from home

At Home Ritual Guide

+ Aromatherapy How-To Guide
+ £10 Gift Card
+ Redeemable against a treatment of your choice. Valid for 6 months. Sent by email to the recipient on your chosen date.

If purchasing as a gift you can do so from the E-Gift Card link below.

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