Keeping Well in Autumn with TCM

Keeping Well in Autumn with TCM

I have relied on Five Element Theory to inform this blog post so just to give you a quick overview, Five Element Theory is a framework used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) to help classify all natural phenomena. It is used as a foundation to many practices, such as tai chi, feng shui and acupuncture amongst others. You can read more about the theory here (recommended, it makes for very interesting reading!)

Autumn and how it can inspire us 

According to the Five Element Theory, the energy of Autumn is represented by the element of metal. But, before we look at what the Metal Element represents, lets look at what we can learn from Autumn.

  • Leaves falling – letting go of what doesn’t serve us anymore
  • Less visible growth – less focus on outwardly directed energy (yang) 
  • Leaves falling back to earth – energy inward (yin) to support future growth 

The Metal Element

Metal = Autumn in TCM, so lets look at what Metal represents within each of us, among other things:

  • Self worth (‘precious” metals) and recognising our innate self worth separate from external status symbols
  • Realising what is most important (‘precious’) to us.
  • Within the body, Metal represents two organs which we can focus on in a figurative and literal sense. Firstly,  the large intestine where there is the idea of excretion or letting go of what we don’t need. 
  • It also represents the lungs. We can associate this with inspiration (in physiology, ‘inspiration’ means inhalation!).
  • The lungs and the metal element are also tied to the emotion of grief in TCM.

How you feel when out of balance

If we have an imbalance in our Metal element then we might experience:

  • Being unable to see our own innate self worth and so pursuing external status symbols.
  • We might be unable to express grief or unable to let go and experience longing.
  • We might experience skin issues (interesting because we know that skin issues can be linked to digestive & respiratory health, which mirrors the organs of the Metal element in TCM).
  • We might have constipation or slow digestion.

How to Achieve Balance This Autumn

Let go

Clear out clutter in your home, work and anywhere you spend time. Make sure you stay hydrated, this aids healthy elimination on a physical level. 

Take stock of what is important to you

Create clear boundaries, think about what you won’t compromise on anymore, what is essential for your health and wellbeing? How can you make sure you have space for this? 

Eat in harmony with nature

Plenty of root vegetables and warm foods – think soups, stews and roasts rather than juices, smoothies and chilled salads. 

Reflexology or Dien Chan Zone

If it feels like ‘Metal” aspects are out of balance for you, then Autumn is the perfect time to receive a treatment that promotes balance. You will be most receptive to treatment in the corresponding season.  

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Autumn Attunement – Seasonal Wellbeing

Autumn Attunement – Seasonal Wellbeing

As I’m writing this blog post, it is cold and grey outside and rain is pouring down. It’s the end of October and this weekend the clocks ‘fall back’ an hour. We are approaching the time of year when coughs and colds abound and we start to crave hearty meals and warm drinks!
Autumn has many positives – the colours of the landscape, the crisp weather and pumpkin flavoured everything! Although sometimes the effect that this change into the second half of the year has on us can be far from positive. The idea behind the Autumn Attunement is that any negative effects can be addressed to let you fully embrace the new season and everything it has to offer us!
So, who is this treatment for?
Well, it’s for you if you feel lethargic since the summer ended, if you suffer from Seasonal Affective Disorder or find it difficult to get going in the dark mornings. It’s also for you if you want to align yourself with this new season and welcome everything it has to offer us. Equally, if you want to spend an hour on self-care and supporting your wellbeing then this is the perfect treatment for you.
The Autumn Attunement has been designed to nurture each of your senses from the moment you enter the room until you leave feeling restored, energised and balanced. After the treatment, you can extend the benefits by using the specially designed Autumn Wellness Guide that I created. I have made this available to download from the website – just click the link in the latest newsletter to access your copy.
So if this sounds like something you could benefit from, just send an email to to arrange an appointment.

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