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Yes, if prepared for you by a qualified aromatherapist. Your body will metabolise most essential oils safely, however, there are oils which are considered unsafe to use in pregnancy.

Additionally, oils deemed safe for pregnancy have to be diluted to an appropriate level before use too.

If you want to use essential oils at home, you could contact a qualified aromatherapist for advice on how to use them safely or for a personalised blend.

Reflexology is helpful in all of these situations. Each AT appointment begins with a consultation to ensure that the treatment is going to be helpful to you, and a bespoke treatment plan is created for you based on this.

It depends on many factors, I will make a suggestion to you after your treatment (taking in to account your unique circumstances). You can then decides what suits you best and we can create a treatment plan.

I work with people who are pregnant, on a journey to being pregnant (including those who are undergoing fertility treatment), people who have had babies, people who want to regulate their menstrual cycles, people who are feeling stressed or anxious and many others!

This is mainly foot reflexology but I also offer Dien Chan Zone facial reflexology which is a wonderfully relaxing treatment. It also includes instructions for self-reflexology at home between your appointments. You can also book an online appointment with me for this where I can teach you how to practice on yourself.

Gua Sha

Facial massage technique using a small, flat gemstone combining a unique blend of facial massage therapies that clears stagnation, releases tension and promotes the flow of nutrients which feed the skin and repattern the way it ages.

You can buy from many places but to make it easy for you I have curated a selection of my favourite tools here that I recommend for use at home.

+ Muscular Benefits | Lifted cheeks, eyes & jawline, contoured cheekbones and jawline, eased tension in jaw, temples, cheeks & forehead

+  Lymphatic System Benefits | diminished dark circles & puffiness, reduced inflammation and inflammatory conditions such as rosacea and acne, creates a vibrant, radiant & glowing complexion

+  Energetic & Qi | prevents stagnation of energy, improves wellbeing, whole body benefits as many meridians in the face pass through other body systems

+  Emotional | relaxing, soothing, nurturing, calming, encourages ‘rest & digest’ state which is a healing and rejuvenating state, self-connection and mindfulness


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