• Linen Eye Pillow by Blasta Henrie

    With its soft linen cover, this eye pillow can be used during yoga and meditation or to relieve headaches, reduce eye puffiness and soothe dry eyes. Designed to block out unwanted light, help deepen your relaxation and aid sleep. The gentle pressure on your eyes from the eye pillow will send a neurological signal to your brain that initiates full-body relaxation. Naturally unscented but can be spritzed with Pillow Mist.⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀⠀

    • Weighted and unscented
    • Removable and washable linen cover
    • Can be used hot or cold by Heating in the microwave and oven, or cooling in the freezer.
    • Can be used across the body as a warm compress
    • Can be used cold to help ease headaches or reduce swelling