Rest | Sleep | Restore – How to improve your sleep quality

Part One: Practical Advice

It’s quite an emotive subject, isn’t it? If you have ever struggled with sleep (whether it’s insomnia, not feeling rested, not being able to stay asleep) then you probably have tried many things to help you reach that elusive 8 hours of slumber per night.

We wanted to address this issue specifically with the first A.T. HOME box, and deliver products and a Masterclass that will help you to create a nighttime routine that you look forward to rather than dread! Even if you don’t have any problems with sleep (you lucky thing!), you can still benefit from creating a nighttime routine that you enjoy.

Alongside the Masterclass for subscribers, we thought it would be helpful to share some practical tips that will improve your sleep quality instantly.

  1. Clear the Clutter. Dedicate an afternoon to emptying your bedroom of clutter if at all possible. In the book “Happy Inside”, Michelle Ogundehin recommends that you only have the bare essentials (bed, bedside tables, storage) in your room, as well as something beautiful hanging on the wall in your bedroom which should be the first thing that you see in the morning. The goal is essentially to remove anything that might be stimulating so that when you go there at the end of the day, you can simply welcome sleep. There should be nothing in your room that can cause you stress or overwhelm.
  2. Leave your smartphone outside the bedroom. This is really common advice, but so important.  I won’t labour the point too much (I’m sure that you’re aware of what blue light does to our brain and the rabbit holes that we can get sucked in to once that phone is in our hands), so buy an alarm clock and look forward to better sleep!
  3. Commit to waking at the same time each morning. It’s a myth that we can ‘catch up’ on sleep, so commit to waking at the same time each day even if you got to sleep really late the night before. If you commit to a consistent wake-up time eventually you will fall into a habit. How well you feel when doing this is really dependent on getting enough rest, so count back 8 hours from when you want to get up and that should be your new bedtime. Ideally, an hour before bed you could stop using any digital devices, soften the lights and start your evening routine.

Later this week we’ll share some information on why rest is so important for us and why it can be so hard to achieve. We’ll also cover how to use the items in your October A.T. HOME Subscription Box to help create your own bedtime ritual.

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