Warm Herbal Poultice Facial Massage

Your Treatment

Allow yourself to be soothed and rejuvenated with this sensory wholistic facial that reduces puffiness, combats fine lines, dark circles and provides immediate lifted results.

Organic botanical ingredients from Thailand are wrapped in muslin and steamed before application to gently nourish and soothe.

Your treatment begins with cleansing and exfoliating using expertly formulated, organic skin care followed by advanced massage using the warm herbal poultice which detoxifies, relieves sinus pressure, sculpts and contours your face while calming and soothing your mind. The treatment ends with manual Thai Wai Sculpting facial massage which balances your inner energy, improves lymphatic drainage and smoothes, lifts and tones the facial muscles.


Immediate Benefits

+  Reduced puffiness and dark circles

+  Hydrates skin

+  Plumps fine lines

+  Smoothes wrinkles

+  Sculpts cheeks

+  Contours jaw line

+  Provides a lifted appearance especially around eye brows

+  Creates a radiant complexion

+  Calms irritation

+  Removes waste products

+ Improves nutrition to the skin

+ Stimulates circulation and lymphatic flow

+ Relaxes, calms and eases muscle tension (jaw, brow, forehead, neck) and

+ Relieves sinus pressure