Wholistic Facials at Atlas

Since working with Dien Chan Zone (Italian Facial Reflexology) and seeing the effect that working on the face can have for the whole body, I was keen to add advanced facial massage techniques including facial gua sha and herbal poultice facial massage to my treatment offering. In November I traveled to London to undertake some intense training in these modalities and it was more than I hoped it would be! When I got back to the treatment room, I jumped in to practising case studies to really get to grips with the technique and the results have blown me away.

Warm Herbal Poultice

Herbs wrapped in organic muslin, steamed until hot & aromatic then massaged over the face and neck using a variety of specialised techniques.

Massage with the herbal poultice is based on the philosophy of traditional Thai Bodywork and works on the skin, fascia, muscle and sen points. The body absorbs the heat and herbal goodness which reduces muscular tension and pain, stimulates circulation, increases lymphatic drainage and soothes and conditions the skin. You will notice immediate improvements in the look and feel of your skin.

The Facial Gua Sha and Herbal Poultice massage have immediate results (listed below) that become longer lasting and more profound the more often they are applied. The benefits aren’t just on a skin/surface level but on a deeper level too, working with the muscular, lymphatic & energetic systems to create radiant & glowing complexion.

Facial Gua Sha

Facial massage technique using a small, flat gemstone combining a unique blend of facial massage therapies that clears stagnation, releases tension and promotes the flow of nutrients which feed the skin and repattern the way it ages.

This is really quite incredible because at the moment, most “anti-aging” treatments and other skin therapies are quite harsh on our skin and don’t do much to enhance the function and health of our largest organ. Quick fixes that create long term problems.

The modalities that I am introducing to Atlas follow the “Slow Beauty” philosophy of revealing your inner beauty – not with injections, peels and fillers but with healthy food, skincare, massage,  and lymphatic drainage amongst other things. When you think of slow beauty, you should think nurturing, soothing, calming and nourishing. It’s these things that create long lasting and sustainable change in the health of our skin and sets us up to age healthily.

Benefits of Facial Gua Sha & Herbal Poultice Massage:

Works on three levels; muscular, lymphatic, energetic & emotional

+  Muscular Benefits | Lifted cheeks, eyes & jawline, contoured cheekbones and jawline, eased tension in jaw, temples, cheeks & forehead

+  Lymphatic System Benefits | diminished dark circles & puffiness, reduced inflammation and inflammatory conditions such as rosacea and acne, creates a vibrant, radiant & glowing complexion

+  Energetic & Qi | prevents stagnation of energy, improves wellbeing, whole body benefits as many meridians in the face pass through other body systems

+  Emotional | relaxing, soothing, nurturing, calming, encourages ‘rest & digest’ state which is a healing and rejuvenating state, self connection and mindfulness

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